Setting up the project viewing mode

Setting up the project viewing mode

OcuMap supports multiple project viewing modes for GPS videos and imagery including flat, spherical and cylindrical modes. Flat is for image or video taken with a regular lens. Spherical is for a video or an image taken with a spherical (panoramic or 360 degree) lens. Cylindrical is for video or an image taken with either a spherical or a cylindrical camera lens.

Make sure you select the correct viewing mode based on the type of data you want to upload. To select the viewing mode before you upload your data, follow these steps:

  • Create a project folder and name it
  • Select the appropriate viewing mode from the same window.

To change the viewing mode of an existing project or folder,

  • Select the folder of interest
  • Click on the edit icon next to the folder
  • Select the appropriate viewing mode.

You can always go back and change this as needed.

Please note that view mode settings apply to all files within a project folder. It is recommended to separate different media files by folders, for example, one folder will include all flat videos/flat imagery and another folder will include all 360 degree videos and 360 imagery.