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An Easy way to publish your images to a Map

Converting your data tables from CSV to interactive maps has never been easier

Create a Project Folder


Drag and Drop your GPS images


See your images on the map

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Drag and drop thousands of photos and see them on the map

Map your photos instantaneously and see where your data is located

  • Navigate from one image to another as if you were there

  • Pan around in 360, zoom in and zoom out to see it all

  • Get the GPS coordinates of each photo using EXIF data

Leverage your GPS images for virtual Inspections

Annotate photos based on location, share your comments with your team and increase inspection efficiency by 30%

  • Use any GPS camera to collect your photos, including smartphones.

  • Group your photos by project name, annotate them as needed

  • Link maintenance documents to photos based on geolocation

3D Mapping Software

Geotag a Point of Interest inside a Photo and on the map

Extract point features directly from images, tag anywhere inside the photo and see your tagged features on the map

  • Single click photo tagging to locate features of interest

  • Create custom fields to eliminate repetitive photo tagging tasks

  • Create your list of features once and tag them along thousands of miles with a single click.

Bring an entire city onto your desktop for smart planning

OcuMap is built to handle terabytes of photos and map data securely in the cloud, making it an ideal solution for:

  • Street level mapping

  • Infrastructure documentation and assessment

  • Image-based asset inventories

Try it by yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can upload panoramic JPEG photos in Equirectangular format and see them on the map. EXIF data must be associated with the JPEGs before the software can show location. You can also upload flat (non 360) photos.

You can use any GPS-enabled camera. OcuMap supports .mp4 video files and .jpeg image files. If you are recording video with GPS, make sure you can export a GPS data file out of the camera in simple text format (txt, csv, xml) or GPX.

If your images have GPS in the metadata (EXIF), they will be automatically shown on the map once you upload them to OcuMap. If your JPEG does not have GPS metadata, then you can add GPS to them manually.

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“OcuMap helped us locate assets within the ROW using panoramic images, a job that would not have been possible otherwise.”


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