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Data Ownership

Q: Do I have to share my data?

A: No, you decide on who and how you would like to share your data, otherwise your data is secured and only you can access it by default.

Q: Who owns the data that is shared with me?

A: When a user shares data with you, the data will be owned by the person who uploaded it and shared it.

Q: Do I own the data I upload?

A: Before uploading data to OcuMap, you consent that you are the legal owner of the copyright of the content. Data you upload after the consent is your data, we are only providing the means to view and interact with the data in a user-friendly way. Please refer to our terms & conditions for more info.

GPS Videos & Imagery

Q: Can I upload Revit files to OcuMap?

A: Yes, you  can upload .rvt files to OcuMap and open the file inside the viewer. You can also to associate the revit file with a location on the map if you choose to do so. Once the revit file is uploaded, it can then be shared with clients or other team members for enhanced collaboration.

Q: Can I upload DWG files to OcuMap?

A: Yes, OcuMap supports uploading, viewing and sharing DWG and DXF files. You can upload the DWG file to your project folder and decide if you want it to be linked to GPS coordinates or to an address on the map.

Q: Can I stitch my panorama in OcuMap?

A: No, OcuMap only supports equirectangular (stitched) images and videos. If you need to stitch your images, you can look into other software applications.

Q: Can I upload a geo-referenced 360 degree video?

A: Yes, OcuMap has a native application that can process 360 degree or panoramic videos and display their location on the map.

Q: What should the file format be for my geo-referenced videos and images?

A:   OcuMap is compatible with .mp4 files for videos and .jpeg for images. GPS data can be uploaded as csv, txt, srt or GPX

Map data

Q: What map projection does OcuMap Use?

A: OcuMap uses Datum WGS84 Spherical Mercator (EPSG 3857).

Q: What type of basemap does OcuMap support?

A: There are two basemap options to chose from in OcuMap, google maps and openstreetmap.

Q: Can I upload a shapefile (.shp) or a geodatabase file?

A: No, Currently, we do not support .shp and .gdb files in OcuMap. You can look at the GIS Integration FAQ for alternatives.

Q: Can I upload a google earth file (kml/kmz)?

A: Yes, you can upload kml or kmz files to OcuMap. It will display the map data in the basemap section of the software. More than one file can be uploaded

Q: Can I edit my kml/kmz file in OcuMap?

A: Points that you geotag in OcuMap could be added to your kml/kmz file as a point of interest. POI can also be exported as a csv file.

Plans & Pricing

Q: Can I cancel my plan?

A: Yes, you can cancel your plan at anytime. Your annual and monthly plan will automatically renew unless you chose to cancel it. To cancel your plan,  please reach out to us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: yes, If you signed up for the annual plan and changed your mind, let us know within 30 days and we'll be happy to refund you. If you signed up for the month-to-month plan please let us know within 72 hours.

Q: Can I upgrade my OcuMap plan?

A: Yes, you can upgrade your OcuMap plan or add more storage as needed. To upgrade your plan, please reach out to us at 

Supported GPS Cameras

Q: Which GPS Camera Can I Use?

A: You can use any GPS enabled camera. OcuMap supports .mp4 video files and .jpeg image files. If you are recording video with GPS, make sure you are able to export a GPS data file out of the camera in simple text format (txt, csv, xml) or in GPX.

Q: Does OcuMap work with LadyBug Cameras?

A: Yes, you can seamlessly upload your ladybug videos and imagery into OcuMap without the need to parse any GPS data. Ladybug 3, ladybug 5 and ladybug5+ are all supported. PGR files must be converted into an mp4 file or a jpeg file before they can be uploaded into OcuMap.

Q: Does OcuMap Work With iStar Cameras?

A: Yes, you can publish your time-stamped iStar Pulsar and iStar Pulsar+ imagery directly into OcuMap using a drag and drop function. Mp4 with GPS is also supported using the GPS parser function.

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