Street Mapping

Three simple steps to mapping street assets

1. Use any GPS camera to collect images/videos

Images, videos and GPS data can be collected using smartphones, drones, 360 cameras, DSLRs and action cams. OcuMap uses standard jpeg format with EXIF and standard mp4 format with GPS embedded in the video file.

360 Video Mapping Software-Mobile Mapping

2. Drag & drop images/videos, see them on the map

OcuMap allows you to see where your data is located, instantaneously. Navigate from one image to another. Pan around in 360 and zoom in and zoom out to see the big picture. Plus, get the GPS coordinates of each photo using EXIF data.

Street Asset Inventory Software

3. Geotag street features directly from photos/videos

Tag features inside photos with a single click. Grab the GPS coordinates at the tagged location and pint it to the map instantly. Create your list of features once and tag them along thousands of miles with custom fields.

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Utilized by:

Counties & Cities

Perform Land, property and pavement condition assessment

Public Works

Infrastructure quality assessment, documentation and maintenance support.

Public Safety

Emergency response and planning for public safety and law enforcement


Review and assessment of signage, signals and wayfinding guides

Urban Planning

Pedestrian walkway infrastructure assessment and ADA compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

OcuMap is an innovative mapping platform that helps you combine Reality Capture (images), GIS (location) and BIM (3D) to better manage your projects, optimize operations, and make more informed decisions.

OcuMap is used by:

Project Managers who need visual documentation of their infrastructure projects.

GIS experts who need to extract features directly from imagery.

City Planners who need better understanding of the streetscape

Right of Way Engineers to plan maintenance.

Civil Engineers to Assess Roadway Damages

Environmental Scientist for NEBA

OcuMap can be used in many different industries, whether in engineering and construction, petroleum, roads, transportation, or local government

You can use any GPS-enabled camera. OcuMap supports .mp4 video files and .jpeg image files. If you are recording video with GPS, make sure you can export a GPS data file out of the camera in simple text format (txt, csv, xml) or GPX.

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“The video map provided us with intelligent visual information to be used as a reference for planning, and as a baseline for comparison with future assessments.”

The City of Houston
Rod P. Deputy Director

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