3D Mapping Software

3D Mapping Software 

Map your infrastructure projects
like a pro

Infrastructure documentation & assessment that will boost efficiency by 30% and align project stakeholders by 80%

Railway Mapping


Improve Track Inspection Efficiency
by 40%

Street Level Mapping

Street Level

Go Where Google Streetview did not go.

Utilities Mapping

Utilities Mapping

Document your circuits with ease.

Locate above ground Assets Directly from GPS images and videos

street level images & create feature layers

Simply drag and drop your GPS Photos to see them on the map

  • Annotate what matters to you
  • Extract feature location directly from photos
  • Share with project stakeholders for enhanced collaboration

Optimize Project Documentation & Make Better Decisions

Inspect and Plan Infrastructure maintenance from your desktop

Deploy maintenance resources efficiently, and increase productivity to drive high-performance operations.

data points analysis
Generate Asset Inventories directly from photos

Generate Asset Inventories directly from photos

Building an asset inventory is the key to data-driven infrastructure operations. Use OcuMap to generate picture-based asset inventories of your critical infrastructure

Built to securely handle terabytes of photos and map data

Big Data can now be quickly visualized on the map and securely shared across your organization with ease. All data in transit and at rest is encrypted using TLS with modern cypher sets. OcuMap is compliant with:

  • SOC 1/ISAE 3402, SOC 2, SOC 3
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018
Built to securely handle terabytes of photos and map data
Dashboard for visual asset mapping

A single dashboard for visual asset mapping

With OcuMap, you can map you project images, videos, drawings and 3D Models with a single platform. Simply upload your project files–See them on the map and start working smarter.

Photo to map. Geovideo

At-a-Glance Benefits

Reduce rework by 30%
Reduce cost by 23%
Increase inspection efficiency by 40%
Reduce project duration by 18%

Providing insight and maximining efficiency to hundreds of beloved customer. OcuMap is utilized by

Frequently Asked Questions

OcuMap is an innovative mapping platform that helps you combine Reality Capture (images), GIS (location) and BIM (3D) to better manage your projects, optimize operations, and make more informed decisions.

OcuMap is used by:

Project Managers who need visual documentation of their infrastructure projects.

GIS experts who need to extract features directly from imagery.

City Planners who need better understanding of the streetscape

Right of Way Engineers to plan maintenance.

Civil Engineers to Assess Roadway Damages

Environmental Scientist for NEBA

OcuMap can be used in many different industries, whether in engineering and construction, petroleum, roads, transportation, or local government

You can use any GPS-enabled camera. OcuMap supports .mp4 video files and .jpeg image files. If you are recording video with GPS, make sure you can export a GPS data file out of the camera in simple text format (txt, csv, xml) or GPX.

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“The video map provided us with intelligent visual information to be used as a reference for planning, and as a baseline for comparison with future assessments.”

The City of Houston
Rod P. Deputy Director

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