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Leverage your GPS based imagery to generate asset Inventories from any location

Imagery | Videos | GIS

10x Faster Condition Assessment

Apply condition rating directly inside images and videos

Make better, faster decisions about your projects

Visual data intelligence from imagery and videos that anyone can use

Eliminate multiple site visits & reduce cost

Collect the data once and revisit the site as many times as you need to from anywhere

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A Single Dashboard for Visual Mapping

OcuMap is the ideal solution for street level mapping

  • Roadway Inventory
  • Infrastructure Documentation
  • Linear Inspections
  • Location Intelligence
  • Environmental Assessments
OcuMap SaaS

Locate Defects & Extract Points of Interest

Use videos & imagery to geo locate defects. Export POI into CSV for GIS analysis.

Document Infrastructure Assets

Generate asset inventories from your desktop, reduce cost and increase efficiency by 30%.

GIS Compatible 

OcuMap seamlessly integrates with your GIS workflow via WFS and WMS/WMTS

geotag video and images using OcuMap

Simplify Your GIS Workflow

Take control over your project’s imagery, videos and map data. Make educated decisions with a user-friendly interface.

Use any GPS camera to collect data

Images, videos and GPS data can be collected using smartphones, drones, 360 cameras, DSLRs and action cams.

Collaborate & Report

Share site info with stakeholders, get feedback and generate location-based reports with imagery.

Searchable Video & Image

Search comments inside the video, see exact location and video time of each comment.

An easy way to virtually inspect linear assets with 360 degree video

Key Features

Publish georeferenced images & videos in minutes

Locate POI inside images and videos, vertically & horizontally

Share projects publicly or privately

Display your GIS data on the basemap & update features

Track videos on the map. See location at all times

Secured, protected & user friendly


OcuMap streamlines visual inspections and asset inventories