• 360 degree videos & panoramic imagery online
  • Geo-reference videos and imagery on the map
  • KML/KMZ files online


  • Locate infrastructure defects using full motion video
  • Generate asset inventories with GPS coordinates
  • Extract point Features from GPS Imagery


  • Share projects online privately or publicly
  • Comment and receive comments form others
  • Assign geo-located tasks
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  • Bring all your project data into a single location
  • Maps, images, videos and web-based documents in one place.
  • Increase your inspection efficiency by 40%

All Features

Panoramic (360°) imagery (with or without GPS)OcuMap check
Flat imagery jpeg (with or without GPS)OcuMap check
Flat imagery jpeg (with or without GPS)OcuMap check
Searchable imagery OcuMap check
Video (with or without GPS) OcuMap check
360° GPS video (spherical, cubic, equirectangular) OcuMap check
360° video without GPS (spherical, cubic, Equirectangular)OcuMap check
Infrared video (with or without GPS)OcuMap check
Insert video URL (self-hosted videos) OcuMap check
Searchable video filesOcuMap check
OpenStreetMapOcuMap check
Google MapsOcuMap check
WFSOcuMap check
WMSOcuMap check
WMTSOcuMap check
KML/KMZOcuMap check
SRT to MapOcuMap check
GPX to MapOcuMap check
Geotag a point of interest inside an imageOcuMap check
Add new feature layerOcuMap check
Update existing feature layerOcuMap check
Delete existing feature layerOcuMap check
Insert URL into a geotagged pointOcuMap check
Share project folder publicly OcuMap check
Share project folder privatelyOcuMap check
Media Control
View in 3 different modes, flat, spherical and cubic OcuMap check
Zoom in and out (videos and imagery) OcuMap check
Play, pause, fast forward and rewind videosOcuMap check
Navigate to next or previous frameOcuMap check
Full screen modeOcuMap check
360° video buffering OcuMap check
Map Control
Setup field of view angle (0-360)OcuMap check
See Lat, Long, Alt at each locationOcuMap check
Display travel path of collected dataOcuMap check
Take 2D measurements between any two pointsOcuMap check
Polyline measurement (OSM)OcuMap check
Track video movement on the mapOcuMap check
Drag along video path on the mapOcuMap check
Streetview mode, side by side comparison (google maps)OcuMap check
Zoom in and outOcuMap check
Hide/show the mapOcuMap check
Geo-reference web-based documentsOcuMap check
Export geotagged data in csv formatOcuMap check
Link geotagged images inside csv fileOcuMap check
Parse GPS dataOcuMap check
Secured, protected & user-friendlyOcuMap check