Railway Mapping

Right of Way Video Mapping

Streamline visual documentation of your mainlines and branches

Virtual Track Inspection

Bring the entire track onto your desktop and revisit it as many times as needed

Locate Above Ground Assets

Generate an asset inventory of all above ground utilities with a single run

Off the Shelf Camera

Use any GPS-enabled camera to record GPS videos or GPS imagery

Organize your Track data

See alignment, stations, MPs and Xings on videos and on map data.

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Railway Mapping Frequently Asked Questions

Using a GPS based camera, you can mount it on the hi-rail and record either sequenced photos or video with GPS. Once you are back in the office, drag and drop your data into OcuMap and you can see it immediately on the map.

Mileposts can be uploaded into ocumap in the form of a KMZ/KML file. When you open an image the is close to the milepost, you will be able to see the relative location of that image on the track compared to the milepost.

OcuMap helps you ensure assets are digitally documented and properly located along the right of way and will help you address applicable regulations including design, installation, maintenance and inspection of signal systems. All digitized assets are located directly from the images or the videos you collect. Assets will include Lat/long information that can be exported as CSV, KMZ or SHP file for further GIS analysis.

You own your data. Access is set by the admin and can be done either public or private based on invitations only. For security reasons, public access is only valid for 30 days unless you have an enterprise account.

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“The video map provided us with intelligent visual information to be used as a reference for planning, and as a baseline for comparison with future assessments.”

Rory N.
Project Manager, D.E.C.

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