Environmental Mapping

Go where google streteview couldn’t go

Environmental Mapping Solution

Document wetlands, waterways and land

Using GPS based photos or videos, walk, bike, or fly the area of interest, capture your data once and make decisions from the office later.

Tag points of interest directly from photos

Once you see a feature of interest, you can grab it’s GPS lat/long info directly from inside OcuMap and share with the project stakeholders for enhanced decision making.

Environmental Mapping with photos
Visual Mapping Software

Publish privately or publicly and gain better insights

Take full control of your data including how you want to publish it and who should access it. Maximize your environmental assessments using easy-to-follow visual documentation on the map.

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Need help collecting imagery as a service? reach out to us.

Perform Baseline assessment for inland and coastal areas

Conduct visual Biological surveys with historical records

Map Waterways and document staging areas

Oil spill preparedness and response

Frequently Asked Questions

OcuMap is an innovative mapping platform that helps you combine Reality Capture (images), GIS (location) and BIM (3D) to better manage your projects, optimize operations, and make more informed decisions.

OcuMap is used to visually document existing conditions of wetlands and waterways helping scientists and engineers around the world improve their environmental restoration and mitigation plans.

OcuMap does not provide any environmental datasets instead, it helps you visualize data you’ve collect with GPS cameras, or other location-based data in csv, xml, gpx, etc.

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“NC DEQ DMS utilizes Ocumap to display 360 degree videos of stream and wetland mitigation sites in concert with spatial data.”

Melonie A.
Environmental Scientist

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