Setting up the camera angle

Setting up the camera angle

The camera angle feature is specific to 360 degree video mapping and panoramic images. OcuMap takes into account the front looking camera to help orient the video’s heading. Since the software supports all 360 degree video cameras, the camera angle needs to be set by the user depending on the orientation of their front looking camera at the time when the data was collected.  You can set the camera angle by

A- Once you create a new project or a new folder, a dialogue box will appear, look for the camera angle and set the value. There is no predefined method for setting the camera’s angle, you will need to try different angles and see which one orients you in the right direction.

B- If you have already created a project with 360 video or panoramic images, click on the edit icon, a dialogue box will appear, set the camera angle.

Assuming you collect your data in the same setup, you would need to figure out the camera angle the first time and then apply the same value to all future projects you create.