Getting Started with OcuMap

Getting Started with OcuMap

Once your account is activated. Login to your OcuMap account and click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. This will expand the side menu where you can start adding new projects.

1. Setting up your profile.

  • Navigate to the top left corner of the screen and click on the avatar.
  • Select Profile from the drop down menu
  • Go to the Settings tab. Here you can upload your photo or logo and update your contact information


2. Creating a project

  • Open the side menu
  • Click the icon
  • Name your project
  • Click save

You can think of a project as a folder that will contain all data related to a specific geographic area. Data associated with a project could include images, videos files, map files such kmz/kml, GIS layers and points of interest.

3. Selecting a Basemap

OcuMap supports two basemap options including Google maps and OpenStreetMap. Selecting the right basemap will dictate how you interact with your map data moving forward. If your account includes the GIS layer integration feature, and you want to connect to WFS/WMS, select OpenStreetMap, otherwise, Google maps will be the default basemap. You can change the basemap of your project at anytime based on your preference. Once you create a project folder and name it, you will see the basemap option in the same window, click on the basemap you prefer to work with.

To change the basemap of an existing project folder, click on the folder, then click on the edit icon next to the folder, then from the pop up window, select the basemap you prefere. Note. WFS/WMS only works with OpenStreetMap option.