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Street Level Mapping

Street Level Mapping With Spherical 360 GPS Camera

How to document assets within your city using an off-the-shelf GPS camera Street Asset Management is no longer restricted to highly-trained professionals, but to the masses: with a GPS camera, and OcuMap, you have everything you need to go out...

Map Projection

Map Projection Basics

Map Projection Basics Map projection is a crucial technique used for hundreds of years to ensure coordinates are projected accurately onto a flat map.  Watch this great video by Vox explaining why we use projections when dealing with geomatics and...

rail right of way mapping

Right of Way Imaging and Mapping – The Right Way

OcuMap’s 360o video mapping supports Rail Right of Way Imaging and Mapping survey and acquisition best practices at a fraction of the cost of other 3D mapping technologies. Energy companies, railroads and utilities as well as the public sector face...

Video Imagery software for aerial geovideo, maps, and data management. OcuMap Software is camera agnostic, supports 360 degree video GPS & panoramic imagery

OcuMap Software for Drone Users

OcuMap’s new OcuMap software provides a great solution for drone companies looking for comprehensive video data management software. This article explains how drone companies in the mapping and surveying space can upload, manage and share drone video imagery within their...

OcuMap geovideo software

How Geovideo Streamlined Corridor Inspections by 60%

Geovideo Inspection Technology Geovideo! what is it? We have all been hearing the bad news about budget cuts in infrastructure maintenance and management. An issue that continue to challenge city managers and engineers around the world. In the State of...

Mobile Mapping Software

OcuMap for Mobile Mapping-Street Level Imaging

User-Friendly Mobile Mapping Software OcuMap offers users of street level imagery a comprehensive video data management software solution, enabling them to speed up data management workflows and share their data inside their organization. Over the years, street level imagery has...

drone data management software

Drone Mapping | Too Much UAV Data To Manage?

Drone Data Management Software Might Help! There was a time when the usage of drones was only limited to the military. However, the usage and applications of commercial drones are on the rise today and drones industry is growing faster...

Railroad 360 video Imaging and mapping is a technique which reproduces 360 videos and panoramic pictures of the right of way and tracks. 3D as-built.

Railroad 360 Video

Every railroad corridor requires a set of fiber optics cable network in order to keep it running but what does railroad 360 video mapping have to do with this? Like any other construction project, installation of a fiber optics cable...

railroad panoramic imaging uses 360 degree camera with GPS and sometimes LiDAR to perform track surveys and condition assessment. Relaity IMT generates 3d..

Railroad Panoramic Imaging

Street view Imaging for railroads streamlines planning & Inspections Every railroad corridor requires a set of fiber optics cable network in order to keep it running. Like any other construction project, installation of a fiber optics cable network requires a...

Drone Mapping Technology- 5 things to evaluating an effective drone mapping project. from hadrware, software to data delivery. Reality IMT Houston, Texas

Aerial Mapping Using Drones

Here is a Quick Guide to selecting the right drone for your aerial mapping projects How often have we wanted to get a bird’s eye view with location intelligence from a certain height? Drones give you the chance to view...