Aerial Mapping

A single repository for your aerial photos & videos

Geovideo Mapping Software

Maximize the potential of aerial videos on the map

Reduce flight time by collecting GPS video and bring it back to the office for location analysis

Streamline your aerial assessments

See where your data is located, instantaneously. Navigate from one image to another or from video to another video on a single map. Compare your data to satellite maps to see what changed.

Aerial Video Mapping Software
Drone video on map

3. Geotag aerial videos and photos on the fly

Tag point features inside photos or videos with a single click.  Locate your infrastructure assets directly from the arial video, generate a georeferenced database and visual condition assessment from your office.

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Inspect your assets with geolocation

See changes over time

Rapid condition assessment

Corridor documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

OcuMap is used to visually document existing conditions of corridors using GPS photos and GPS videos. Project managers are able to locate point features and create a location-based database for their projects. 

Any GPS based photos or GPS based MP4 files. In addition, you can upload KML/KMZ, CSV, GPX, XML and other formats as needed and OcuMap will display this data on the map.

yes, once you create a project folder and upload your data to it, you can share the project with anyone using the person’s email address or by generating a sharable link that is valid for 30 days.

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“We mapped more than 100 miles in less than 5 days and were able to locate defects along the entire ditch network using OcuMap. It was very easy to use and helped deliver our project in no time”

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Project Engineer-Drone Pilot

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