Rail OcuMap T

360 Video Mapping Solution

Streamline visual documentation and Bypass dependency on GIS specialists

OcuMap web Mapping


Upload your Geo-images, videos, and GPS data.

OcuMap File Management

Manage Content

View and organize your content under a single dashboard.



Geotag points of interest inside videos and images.

Virtual Track Inspection

Bring the entire track onto your desktop and revisit it as many times as needed

Off the Shelf Camera

Use any GPS-enabled camera to record GPS videos or GPS imagery

Locate Above Ground Assets

Generate an asset inventory of all above ground utilities with a single run

Organize your Track data

See alignment, stations, MPs and Xings on videos and on map data.

Track Inspection
OcuMap Geovideo

Geovideo with maps.

Bring the entire site onto your desktop and revisit it as many times as you need to.

Panoramic 360 Images & 360 Videos.

Geotag points of interest and generate a database from panorama 360 videos and imagery

OcuMap Panoramic
OcuMap File Format

Export geotagged data.

Keep your GIS data up to date with visual records. Export geotagged data in .csv format for further GIS analysis